Why Business contracts are important

Why Business contracts are important

What is a business contract?

A business contract is simply an agreement which binds the parties to it, which the law will enforce if one party doesn’t adhere to its conditions. Agreements come in many shapes and sizes, and you probably enter into more of them than you realise.

Contracts can be formal or informal. In many cases, they don’t need to be a signed legal document, or even communicated officially in writing. They can be verbal or contained in an exchange of emails, texts or other communication. However, under English law some types of agreements, such as employment contracts and guarantees for example, need to be in writing.

Why do business contracts matter?

The main reason for a written business contract is to demonstrate that all parties have the same understanding of the agreement and are clear on what is required of them and others under the contract. That way, if one party breaks the agreement, or falls short of the standards agreed, a legal claim, and/or exit, is easier to achieve.

If an agreement isn’t in writing, parties may argue they each understood the terms differently and it will be difficult to prove otherwise. By this point, you’re likely to be in dispute making a swift resolution much harder.

A well-written business contract should help avoid arguments about what’s been agreed. It should also provide a legal framework for how to remedy in case of a breach.

It can be tempting to rely on verbal agreements and correspondence in business and hope for the best. The thought of putting a formal legal agreement in place can often seem daunting, particularly if you’re starting out or they aren’t something you’re used to working with regularly. Drafting business contracts from scratch takes time, trust us, we know, and asking a Lawyer for assistance can be expensive.

Why our business contract templates can help you.

At Paper Rock, we understand that navigating legal intricacies can be daunting and that, as a busy professional, you’re looking to protect your business interests in the most efficient and cost effective way.

That’s why we put saving you time and money at the forefront of our business.

And quality?

We think our business contract templates are some of the best you will find on the internet. They are written by a handful of the UKs brightest, best trained and qualified solicitors, with corporate and commercial experience over a full professional lifetime. They have built long legal careers helping people like you bring ideas to life and to run secure and successful businesses.

Our lawyers also have a penchant for drafting and that’s exactly what you need for great business contract templates. They enjoy creating easy to understand documents that cover what’s required. Drafting is what they do best. They know the law, have heaps of experience working with businesses across the UK and beyond and are talented communicators.

Why choose Paper Rock?

And if all of the above hasn’t quite hit the mark, there’s more…

You’ll find our business contract templates come with no strings attached when you buy. We aren’t interested in tying you into a subscription or service you may not use or need.

If you want a single document, be our guest. And, If you are a professional using business contract templates regularly, why not try our annual subscription? It’s superb value.

Simply put, we sell excellent business contract templates for quick and easy download, giving you robust legal protection without breaking the bank.

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