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Based in the South West of England, we’re a team of practising lawyers that provides an extensive document template service covering all aspects of commercial and corporate law. 

You can be confident in our approach to drafting. Our templates are created by expert lawyers with decades of commercial experience advising clients of their own. 

Your business will always need legally sound agreements to protect its interests, documents that provide a framework to help you grow and flourish. Until now, the prudent choice was to instruct a lawyer to draft a document on your behalf. This can be time consuming and expensive. At Paper Rock, we’ve developed an alternative with our professionally written, legal document templates.

Whether you own or manage a business or you’re in professional services supporting your clients, we understand that you’re decisive, result-driven and cost-conscious. You need clear and comprehensive legal templates that you can trust. You also need to feel supported. That’s why Paper Rock templates come with clear guidance notes, to help you use your template and live support via our website, for any other queries you might have.

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Paper Rock provides a natural, alternative way for you to achieve your business aims. Our legal templates document service is flexible, reliable and cost effective. We’re practising lawyers, so you’re assured our documents are accurate and always up to date. Customising Paper Rock legal contract templates to include the unique details of your business is as easy as one, two, three.

Solid agreements are required for businesses everywhere. That’s why we’re named after the universally recognised game of ‘Paper, Rock, Scissors’. We cover all outcomes.

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At Paper Rock, we care about the impact we have on the world. Whether that’s providing you with quality affordable legal contract templates to help you succeed in business, or minimising our environmental footprint, it’s important to us that our contribution is a positive one. We understand the climate emergency requires everyone to play a part, so we’re committed to continually improving the sustainability at the heart of our operations.

The actions we’re taking to improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact reflect initiatives being fostered through our district council in Horsham. We’re proud to stand alongside other local businesses contributing their efforts so together we can become a carbon neutral district.

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Virtual Meetings

We’ve set ourselves a target to conduct 98% of our meetings virtually, keeping face-to-face meetings with consultants and suppliers to a minimum.

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Reduce Plastic

We’ll reduce our plastic use by 40% and we’ll keep ourselves honest by periodically reporting on our own performance.

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Sustainably Sourced

By the end of the year, we’re committed to using only sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly stationery and snacks, sourcing these locally wherever possible.

We’re practicing environmentally considerate office management and decision making; regularly monitoring our energy use and promoting communication practices that reduce our need to travel. We’re considerate about the office equipment we buy and the materials we use. Alongside our reduced paper consumption and comprehensive recycling scheme, we’ve replaced all our office lights to energy efficient alternatives.

We’ve cemented our cool credentials by getting used to a lower temperature in the office and we’re regularly maintaining our office equipment and computers to ensure they live their best – and longest – life. We’re even making conscious choices about buying local when it comes to stocking our kitchen.

It’s not rocket science. But we know it’s important. That’s why we’re sharing Paper Rock’s environmental commitment for 2024. At Paper Rock, we don’t just care about your success, we care about our impact too.

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