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Statutory Registers

Company law requires a company to prepare and maintain certain statutory registers. Our templates are designed to help you fulfil this obligation. company administration legal document templates
Letters from new or former shareholders to a company regarding their status as a person with significant control in relation to the company, to enable the company to update its PSC Register.
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Statutory registers comprising the legal registers which a private limited company is required to maintain and make available for inspection under company law.  In addition, the document includes template registers for share allotments and share transfers, which are typically kept as well.
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What legal registers must a company maintain?

Company law obliges a company to prepare and maintain several statutory registers, including:

  • register of directors and secretary, along with a separate register of directors’ residential addresses
  • register of members
  • register of charges (for charges created prior to 6 April 2013)
  • register of people with significant control (the PSC Register)

These registers, also known as the company’s statutory books, must be kept either at the company’s registered office or another specified address.  Except for the register of directors’ residential addresses, these registers are available for public inspection on payment of a fee.  The registers can be maintained in electronic form.

What is a PSC Register?

A PSC Register is a register of people with significant control (hence “PSC”) in relation to the company.  It identifies (or enables the identification of) each individual who ultimately owns or controls more than 25% of the company’s shares or voting rights or who otherwise exercises significant influence or control over the company.   

A company is required to make enquiries as to who needs to be included on its PSC Register.  Alternatively, a individual person or entity who should be included, or who is already included but whose relevant details have changed or who is no longer required to be included, may voluntarily inform the company of the relevant change.

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