Confidentiality Agreement/NDA: one way – short

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NDA for a general commercial transaction where only one party will disclose confidential information to the other party. The document is a short form agreement and contains legal protections for the benefit of the disclosing party

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Short form confidentiality agreement for a general commercial transaction where only one party will disclose confidential information to the other party.

Why use Confidentiality Agreements?

Confidentiality Agreements (also known as NDAs) are used in corporate and commercial transactions as a preliminary agreement to enable parties to disclose confidential information prior to them discussing the main transaction.

By first entering into an NDA, the parties can exchange confidential information with each other with the assurance that, if the negotiations on the main transaction break down, the confidential information which has been disclosed will be protected by a legally enforceable agreement. 

About this Confidentiality Agreement

This Confidentiality Agreement is for the one-way disclosure of confidential information. The document is a short form agreement, in the form of a letter agreement, and contains the principal legal protections for the benefit of a party in its capacity as the discloser of confidential information. Often, negotiations on the terms of NDAs become protracted due to unreasonable and excessive terms being included by whichever party provides the first draft of the agreement.

This template has been prepared and designed to enable the parties to quickly reach agreement on the NDA, to allow them to move onto the exchange of confidential information and discussions on the main transaction.

Document features

Features include:

  • 17 paragraphs over 3 pages
  • Definition of Confidential Information
  • Confidentiality obligations
  • Permitted recipients to whom Confidential Information may be disclosed
  • Circumstances in which compulsory disclosure may be made
  • Return of Confidential Information to the owner
  • Duration of agreement

Explanatory guidance

As with all of our document templates, your purchase will include access to clear explanatory guidance on the document and its use.

Alternative Confidentiality Agreements

For a longer form of one way confidentiality agreement, see NDA: one-way – long. For forms of confidentiality agreement where both parties will disclose confidential information to the other see NDA: mutual – long and NDA: mutual – short.

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