Articles of Association: start-up business multiple investors

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Articles of Association for a start-up company to be adopted at closing of an investment by multiple investors.  Intended to accompany the Shareholders Agreement, these Articles containing relatively strong protections for the investors.

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When do I use this document?

What are the key features?

  • form of new Articles of Association for the company
  • amendments and additions to the Companies Act 2006 Model Articles
  • investor rights exercisable by investors holding a majority of the investors’ shares
  • investor consent right and pre-emption rights on the allotment of new shares
  • regulations governing the transfer of shares, including:
    • permitted transfers to defined classes of permitted transferees
    • pre-emption rights on the transfer of shares to third parties
    • compulsory transfer provisions for founders and employee shareholders
    • tag-along and drag-along rights, including investor protection against being required to sell their shares
  • regulation of shareholder meetings, including investor presence required for quorum
  • investors’ right to appoint a director and investor director to be present for a quorate board meeting

What other documents are available?

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For Articles of Association for investment by a single investor, see

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